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Hello from the milking barn

When I say we make each bar of soap completely from scratch, I really mean it! "We milk the goats and make the soap" is more than a cute catch phrase, we really do just that.

Each bar of soap starts with me in the barn sometimes as early as 5am.  Milking season runs from spring through the end of the summer, which means both the beginning of milking season and the end is when my kids are in school so mornings are BUSY! I like to have milking and animal chores complete before my kids get up, or at least before they need feeding!, so I go out around 5am.  I only milk once a day, I have tried twice and it is exhausting, especially in the heat of the summer to milk at 5pm, so now I only milk in the mornings and get about the same amount of milk as I was milking twice a day!

My life get a whole lot easier when my kids are on summer break, I wont bore you with my morning routine, but milking at 8am is a dream! with the exception of market and TV days, then I get up early.  I have tried to get my husband and kids involved in milking, its good to have a back up, but they are more than happy to let it be my thing, and I really do enjoy it.  It's not often these days that you get to just sit still and think, that is my milking time.  I sit and milk, sometimes sing (they have their favorite songs believe it or not), I plan my day and think about life. Fun times!

Here is a link to a video if you would like to see a typical morning for me (this was in the summer so I was a little more awake than an early spring morning, hope you enjoy........

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