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Rain, rain and more rain!

Life with goats is very entertaining to say the least.  I love to observe their quirky ways.  Each has their own personality, then there are things common to their breed. Lets talk about rain for example, goats do not like rain.  At the slightest sprinkle they sprint directly to the barn as though poison was being poured down from the heavens.  It is very comical to witness.  

Then there is the trauma that comes after the rain.....wet feet. Oh boy, they do not like to step in mud and will avoid it at all costs.  Now this is where personality comes into play because some of them will sacrifice the comfort of their feet in order to get to the food trough (when it is actually raining we feed them their grain inside), they always have access to fresh hay inside the barns and some of them prefer to stay hauled up in the barn eating hay that to venture out into the mud.

Let me introduce you to Sunshine......

Sunshine was born on our farm two years ago.  This girl loves her grain, above and beyond the average goat and is willing to step through mud and puddles to get it.  As you can see she has come up with a way to both eat her grain and keep her hooves good and dry! 

As you can see the chickens in the background are completely unphased by the rain and are enjoying all the extra snacks of worms in the puddles. 

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